April 6, 2017

Mastery is Dead, Delight, and Anxiousness

Ep. 024 - Tikh attended an AIGA talk from prominent designer Jason Mayden. Mayden shared an interesting take on mastery rendering it 'dead' in some regard. Now, before you dismiss this idea, be open-minded with this one. Mayden says that our society will continue to see more polymaths - people wide wide-ranging skills. The speed at which things are changing will continue to feel crazy. How do we keep up? Forgetting about mastery.

Next, delight. What happens when we delight others? How can we do this more? Why should we do it more? 

Lastly, how should we deal with anxiety? Anxiety is an extreme emotion. Extreme emotions can be challenging. How can we remain calm? Or mitigate them? It's not easy, but there are tools for us to come back to.


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