March 25, 2017

Immersion, Environment, and Impatience

Ep. 023 - Hugh and Tikh talk about the importance of immersion in relation to mastery. The great pyschologist Abraham Maslow talked about how if your only tool was a hammer, you could only work with nails. From Tim Ferriss' recent podcast with Adam Robinson, Adam shared an insight that reminded Hugh and Tikh about the importance of mastery. 

Second, how much does our environment influence our actions? A lot, obviously. As we look to find mastery in our lives, what can we do to improve our environments to encourage our growth?

Lastly, a lesson from Robert Greene's book, "Mastery". He says, "The greatest impediment to creativity is impatience." Impatience keeps us from mastery. How do we fight it?

Tim Ferriss' Podcast with Adam Robinson:

Robert Greene's "Mastery": 


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